Great work, NHL. 

NHL, NHLPA announce partnership with You Can Play Project


Part 2 of Pharrell Williams’ interview with Henry

Henry Rollins and Pharrell Williams sat down to hash out the major issues of our day from education reform and politics to dealing with personal challenges.

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15 Episodes, May 26.


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Hug a tree, indeed.


Only in Canada, do the buses apologize for the accident.

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For readers interested in learning more about how not to be labeled as registered sex offenders, a good first step is not to rape unconscious women, no matter how good your grades are. Regardless of the strength of your GPA (weighted or unweighted), if you commit rape, there is a possibility you may someday be convicted of a sex crime. This is because of your decision to commit a sex crime instead of going for a walk, or reading a book by Cormac McCarthy. Your ability to perform calculus or play football is generally not taken into consideration in a court of law. Should you prefer to be known as ‘Good student and excellent football player Trent Mays’ rather than ‘Convicted sex offender Trent Mays,’ try stressing the studying and tackling and giving the sex crimes a miss altogether…

Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richardson are not the “stars” of the Steubenville rape trial. They aren’t the only characters in a drama playing out in eastern Ohio. And yet a CNN viewer learning about the Steubenville rape verdict is presented with dynamic, sympathetic, complicated male figures, and a nonentity of an anonymous victim, the ‘lasting effects’ of whose graphic, public sexual assault are ignored. Small wonder, then, that anyone would find themselves on the side of these men—these poor young men, who were very good at taking tests and playing sports when they were not raping their classmates.

Mallory Ortberg of Gawker, critiquing CNN’s disgusting response to the Stuebenville rape trial verdicts. 

Her commentary is spot on.

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Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald in a record shop during a break while filming The Breakfast Club, 1984

ultimate teen dream couple

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If anyone ever finds this diary and reads it and comes to the conclusion that I’m crazy… They’d be spot on.

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“She just asked me to start dancing, and what was I supposed to do? In reality I don’t have a lot of moves.” (x)